Nichos et Milagros

Here at Onslow Street we have a carefully curated selection of beautiful and individual Nichos et Milagros. When hung or placed in your home these hand crafted slow pieces bring warmth, love and thoughtful reflection and make beautiful gifts. 

All of our products at Onslow Street are sourced through Fair Trade networks. Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect.  Fair Trade is more than just trading; it provides justice and equal opportunities for all in the world trading system.


Beautiful soulful folk art popular throughout Central and South America combining elements from Roman Catholic, Mestizo Spirituality and pop culture. 

Set upon tables, shelves, niches or hung on walls, these well loved boxes serve as shrines, altars, devotional objects to a saint or divinity in the home. They offer protection and comfort and serve as a focal point for prayers and reflection.


In Spanish Milagro means miracle and describes the tiny charms attached to alters, shrines and sacred objects.  These charms have been used for healing purposes and votive offerings for centuries and have been found in ancient Iberian sites from the 6th Century BC on the coastal regions of Spain and Portugal.