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Healing Hand

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This beautiful little Healing Hand as been hand crafted in timber and hand painted with individual charms attached.

It measures 8.5cm x 5.5cm.

Hand motifs often appear in religious iconography from Mexico. The heart in the hand is a recurring theme and is believed to symbolise charity, friendship love and truth.

The heart has long been a symbol for the soul, the seat of emotions, our inner selves. It evokes sincerity, truthfulness, charity, and mercy. Of course, it represents love, both romantic and platonic.

Spanish Milagro means miracle and describes the tiny charms attached to alters, shrines and sacred objects. These charms have been used for healing purposes and votive offerings for centuries and have been found in ancient Iberian sites from the 6th Century BC on the coastal regions of Spain and Portugal.

Milagros charms come in a multitude of images and are offered in hope, love, faith, and gratitude.

The hand comes with a hole in the back for hanging purposes or you could also stand it up on a shelf.

Please note that as this is hand crafted, each piece is uniquely beautiful and individual. The pictures are an indication only of the item you will receive.

With Love from Onslow Street xx