Salt Studio Sydney is situated in the beautiful hills of Sydney's Northern Beaches Region and is a creative ceramics studio producing sculptures, platters and planters. 

Onslow Street is thrilled to have a small collection of Salt Studio Sydney sculptures and sculptural plates.

Henry Moore said, "Sculpture has been around for at least 30,000 years.  The Greeks ideal was to create in their own likeness. But there is a rich, rich past of sculpture prior to this Greek phase.  There is intrinsic emotional significance in shapes.  Instead of seeing only a representational value, freeing us to recognise again the importance of the material in which we work."

"Limitless scope is open.  Inspiration comes from nature.  Principles of balance, rhythm, organic growth of life, attraction and repulsion, harmony and contrast."

"The sculpture which moves me most is full blooded and self supporting, fully in the round, that is, it's components, forms are completely realised, strong and vital."

"A sculpture must have its own life, independent of the object it represents. Rather than giving the impression of a smaller object carved out of a bigger block.  It should make the observer feel that what he is seeing contains within itself its own organic energy thrusting outwards."

"If a work of sculpture has its own life and form it will be alive and expansive and should always give the impression, whether carved or modelled, of having grown organically, created from pressure from within."

Onslow Street agrees with the legend Henry Moore xx