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Beautiful Tehei Basket Tote with short leather handles, handmade in Northern Ghana by the Fra Fra Gurune people. Made from Elephant Grass, a 100% sustainable product which grows in the flood plains around the village.

We source our beautiful basketry from the Fair Trade Collective there.  

This region of Northern Ghana is world renown for its skillful artisans and traditional weaving and leatherwork.  The community are proud of their long practised craft and rely on the income generated by you and and us through every purchase. Subsistent farming is supplemented and families are supported throughout the village. Our supporting of these people enables the traditions and skills be continued into the current generation. 

By purchasing this beautiful Tehei basket you are contributing not only financially to these families but also in keeping these beautiful traditions alive.

Kinkahe is collected from the top of the Elephant Grass and split. The grass is then twisted and batched and then boiled in water. It is at this stage that some is dyed.

Each basket begins at the base. The experienced weaver handpicks each blade of grass based on width for each different section of the basket.  

Every one of these beautiful Tehei baskets takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days to complete.

Your Basket Tote will come flat packed with simple instructions.

Care for your basket:

Your basket should last many years with simple care. To reshape, soak the basket in a sink, bath, shower or under the hose. When wet the basket is malleable. Gently massage and work the basket into the desired shape. 

When happy with the shape, leave it to stand in the sunshine or an airy spot. Then when completely dry the leather handles can be nourished with some leather conditioner or clear boot polish of your choice.

Avoid too heavy regular loading and your basket will age gracefully for many years. If at any time the basket becomes out of shape or brittle just repeat above.

With Love from Onslow Street xx